Monday, 25 June 2018

Seven Spiritual Wonders

Seven Spiritual Wonders
The seven wonders of the world are well known. There are money lists of these wonders that catalogue the spectacular monuments and natural structures. These are called wonders because they represent magnificence, beauty, workmanship, artistry and creativity of humans. The Great Wall of China, Coliseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal in India are all listed as new wonders of the world lists some ancient structures of which most have to destroy with time.
While lot of humans know about theses physical wonders of very few people on earth are aware about the seven spiritual wonders. These spiritual truths are called wonders because they fill us with a sense of awe, a sense of our won infinity, our grand exalted self and the magnificence of the entire human journey, and above all an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for the benevolence of God, the Creator, Theses Spiritual wonders or truths have been revealed by God, the Supreme Soul, Himself.
Soul: Perhaps the Greatest wonder is of our true identity we are not human beings but we are spiritual beings soul an infinitesimal point of light, sentient and alive. The soul has three subtle facilities the mind, intellect and sankars though which it performs its role in this world. It is the soul that animates the body and expresses itself though the sense organs and creators thoughts, emotions, ideas, beliefs and attitudes. It is a wonder that a tiny being of energy moves a big physical form, in fact a lot of physical conditions are influenced by the soul’s energy in the form of its thoughts and sanskars. Even the kind of body that a soul gets birth after birth depends on the sanskars of the soul.
God: The one Being who is revered and remembered by most human beings is God the souls who is supreme amongst all  souls. He is the eternal Fathers, the Almighty Authority, omnipotent, omniscient, the Liberator, Guide and purifier of all Creation, God is beyond the bondage of life and Death, Karma, joy and sorrow but He knows everything about our human condition and restores it to its original pristine stage though His wisdom and love. The greatest wonder about God is that He manifests in a human medium to purify the old impure world into a new world of peace, happiness and purity heaven or satyuga. He is the most incognito subtitle spiritual powerhouse who performs the greatest act of liberating human being form the cycle of sin and suffering yet very few human beings know him.
Soul world and subtle world: None of the human beings know where they have come form and where they will finally arrive at the end of their earthly journey. God has revealed that there are three worlds. All souls live in the incorporeal souls world Paramdham far beyond this physical universe. It is a timeless eternal world where souls live in their absolute original identify as pure points of light energy silent, pure and liberated. No soul can go back to the eternal home unless it test purified at the end of Kalyuga when God guides us back home the subtle angelic world is a world where human beings exist as angelic beings after finishing all earthly carmic accounts and becoming completely pure. From here they help in God,s task of world transformation through their powerful pure vibrations of peace and compassion. World Drama: The most wonderful secret revealed by God is about the interplay of souls and matter in the physical world called Drama. According to the truth revealed by God the world Drama goes on in a cyclic time frame lasting 5000 years which is divided into four equal ages or yugas and a fifth age Sangamyuga which is a confluence of Kaliyuga and satyuga. God comes and rejuvenates the  world in this special fifth yuga. Moreover this Drama repeats identically after every cycle, i.e.5000 Years.
Karma: the law of Karma is also a spiritual wonder because it acts as a great balancing force leveling all the actions being performed by humans on earth. Good actions beget Good experiences in life and bad actions are followed by suffering and misery. The law of Karma works infallibly, without any partiality or bias towards anyone. It brings divine justice to the entire Drama and makes humans responsible for creating their destiny by acting according to good values. God does not punish or reward us, it is this law of karma that operates automatically to balance our good and bad deeds.
Satyuga: The new world that God creates is called Heaven or Satyuga. Only pure human souls exemplifying divine virtues live there. Everything in that world is perfect. There is no trace of sorrow or anything negative. Everyone is healthy, has a long lifespan and abundant resources. Everything in that world, including human birth happen by soul power. Hum so so Hum. Most humans pray to God in order to seek peace and happiness in their worldly life. But God comes and reminds us that once upon time we souls lived on earth as deities and we can again directions to purify the self .
Yoga: The most amazing and powerful tool that God give us is Rajyoga connecting ourselves wholeteartedly to God .This is possible only when we become souls conscious and surrender our attachment and ego and live in this world as God’s child or as His instrument eschewing all vices and imbibing all virtues live as a karmayogi. It is though the power of yoga that God helps us to become pure again and change this Kaliyoga into satyuga. Who can imagine that such a subtle and incognito act of satying in constant loving remembrance of God can transformation of the entire creation.
These seven spiritual wonders are available for experiencing right now in this life.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Journey from absolute truth to total untruth Virtual Reality

The Journey from absolute truth to total untruth
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is being touted as a business that will be worth scullions of dollars in the coming years. The simulation of realistic experiences through computer-generated environments is expected to have a wide variety of uses in many fields, from education and medicine to entertainment.
Virtual reality headsets fit around a person’s head and over their eyes, and visually separate they form the space they are physically occupying. Images are fed to the eyes from two small lenses. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create a lifelike experience.
A well-built virtual reality program can create a sense of actually being inside an alternative reality, and one effect of virtual reality is that is boosts the emotional intensity of  whatever a user is experiencing, partly because of the experience’s all-enveloping nature.
The move from real experiences to Artificial and now virtual ones is symptomatic of our times. There was a time when people used to meet, sit down together and have conversations, exchanging news, ideas, and opinions and sharing their thoughts and feeling. This was replaced by technological communication, through phones and computers, but still one interacted with a real person at the other end. Virtual reality isolates one form the real world altogether and transports one to a world of illusion where one can lose oneself with no awareness of time or place.
Virtual reality, by its very name, appears to indicate the culmination of the human soul’s
Journey from absolute truth to total untruth. Though current users of virtual reality can experience unwanted symptoms such as headache, nausea and disorientation, experts foresee more and more people spending time in virtual space’ in future..
Even though virtual reality experiences are yet to become commonplace, a lot of people in the world live cut off from those around them, interacting more with electronic devices than real people.Thier eyes are glued to mobile phones, computer or television screens, and food, sleep and the care children or elderly family members are all sacrificed for the pleasure provided by the sounds and images on the LCD displays.
This is a manifestation of the human soul’s transition form a state of absolute purity and truth to one of total impurity before it undergoes rejuvenation. When the souls begin to play its part in this world, it is in its original, complete state. It expresses its innate virtues, such as truth,
Peace and love. However, as the soul comes in contact with others souls and matter, they begin to influence it.
The souls gradually lose its power and virtues over successive lives. From its pure state it reaches a condition where it has virtues as well as vices in varying degrees. The thoughts, words and actions of the souls are influenced by this inner state. Then, a time comes when the soul’s original qualities are completely overshadowed by vices, and it can be said to have become totally impure or false.
The world of lies, fiction, false appearances, synthetic goods, lab-gown synthetic organisms, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality is the creation of souls who have lost touch with their of these qualities, it is times for their rejuvenation. The Supreme soul, who is ever-pure and unchanging, awakens in souls the memory of who they really are, and teaches them to connect with Him so that they can regain their true status and become whole again. Souls who carry out this self- transformation become instrumental in bringing about a similar change in the world, once again ushering in satyug  the age of absolute truth.